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 Born as Latanya Simpson, Latanya evolved as Face by LCherelle with her stage name from one of her lifelong passion of modeling. Now known as LCherelle, Her journey into the beauty world began after graduating from Camelot Career College (Baton Rouge, La.) in 2008. LCherelle has been a traveling freelance makeup artist providing natural makeup services since May of 2015. Born and Raised between Downtown New Orleans & Metairie, Louisiana. LCherelle frequently travels to and from New Orleans and Texas areas.   With the background of being a plus sized model for fashion shows and modeling for local boutiques in Louisiana. LCherelle began applying makeup to other models behind stage and found her true passion. Helping others in times of need was a big influence on her career jumpstart. Fresh and flawless skin has become her signature look.  LCherelle strives to be one of the go-to makeup artist for T.V. /Film, Bridal, Transformation Makeovers and Fashion shows all around the world. Latanya's mission is and always will be  to help women realize makeup is not a bad thing but something to enjoy. LCherelle vows  to give every individual from every walk of life the opportunity to  experience luxury with affordability.  F.A.C.E. meaning "For an Captivating Experience". Dedicated to providing service like no other and to always use the best quality products on your skin.

Get in touch with us  today to discuss how you can begin booking your next experience, You’re only one step away from a captivating beauty concierge experience right at your door steps.

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